Administrative Departments

1. Department of Organization and Administration: being an advisory unit to Rector on staff organization and office administration. 

2. Department of Financial and Accounting affairs: being an advisory unit to Rector on the management of financial activities and accounting regime. Implement centralized management and effective use of the University's financial resources in accordance with the State's regulations.

3. Department of Facility Management: being an advisory unit to Rector in the management field and be responsible for land management, infrastructure, planning, repairing and upgrading, procurement consulting, equipment management, maintaining and embellishing the environmental landscape; car management; protection of safety, security - order and fire prevention.

4. Department of Political Education - Student Affairs: Organize educational activities, orient and propagate political ideas, ethics, lifestyle, and popularize laws; sharpening students’ skills such as: life, career and applying employment skills; handle all activities related to student affairs.

5. Department of Testing and Quality Assurance: Advise and assist to Rector in planning, operating procedures, implementing, inspecting and supervising activities on quality assurance in educational and training fields.

6. Department of Academic affairs: Advise and assist to Rector in organizing and administrating to undergraduate training.

7. Department of Scientific Affairs - International Relations - Inspections - Legislations: being an advisory unit to Rector in operating and handling all activities related to scientific research, technology transfer, international relations and intellectual property affairs of the University, and directly running all of them.