On December 10th, 2020, Can Tho University of Technology honored to welcome the official survey delegation of the Center for Education Accreditation, the University of Danang to conduct the official survey serving external assessment of Food Technology Training Program of CTUT.

Meritorious Teacher. Assoc. Pro. Dr. Huynh Thanh Nha - Secretary of the CTUT Party Committee, Rector of CTUT, speaking at the opening ceremony of the Official Survey

             Attending the Opening Ceremony, there were Dr. Duong Mong Ha, Head of the Official Survey delegation of the external assessment, together with experts and observers.

Dr. Duong Mong Ha reported the results of the Preliminary Assessment and implementing the working contents of the external assessment delegation during the external assessment at CTUT for Food Technology Program.

Souvenir picture between the university and the external assessment delegation

         Speaking at the opening ceremony, Assoc. Pro. Dr. Huynh Thanh Nha - Secretary of CTUT Party Committee, Rector of CTUT, Chairman of the Self-Assessment Council for Food Technology Program, expressed his wish that experts of the External Evaluation Delegation would help the University find out strengths and limitations in Food Technology Program, thereby identifying solutions to promote the strengths as well as overcome limitations, to strengthen the training program in Food Technology, contributing to the University's development and affirming its prestige and brand in the national education system.

        At the opening ceremony, Dr. Truong Minh Nhat Quang - Vice Rector, Vice Chairman of the Training Program Self-Assessment Council, reported an overview of the development, the implementation of self-assessment in Food Technology Program.

      Food Technology is one of the first full-time undergraduate programs of Can Tho University of Technology, approved by Ministry of Education and Training for admission in 2013. Up to the year of 2020, there have been 273 students majoring in food Technology who have completed their training, have recognized and awarded degree by Rector of CTUT, more than 90 % students majoring in Food Technology who have gotten job after graduation.

Some working photos

The Survey Delegation officially worked with CTUT leaders and the Faculty of Biotechnology – Food Technology.

Souvenir picture between the delegation and the university.