In order to serve better in scientific research activities, resource training, publish opportunities, and exchanging academic research in sustainable construction, on November 29, 2019, Can Tho University of Technology hosted a conference specializing construction with topic "Application of Science and Technology in Construction".

Attending the workshop, there were the Director of the Department of Construction of Can Tho city, managers and scientists of prestigious universities: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Can Tho University, Western Construction University, Tra Vinh University, Nam Can Tho University, Can Tho College, Can Tho Vocational College, along with experts and guests from construction companies and enterprises.

Conference picture

Opening remarks, Assoc. Pro. Dr. Huynh Thanh Nha expected scientific reports presented in the conference wouldl be the fundamental factors for the University to promote practical applications and transfer scientific research results in meeting social needs.

Assoc. Pro. Dr. Huynh Thanh Nha, Rector of the University delivered the opening speech of the conference.

The conference gathered scientific articles with many novelties, posing many problems to be researched, solved in the construction industry, particularly in lecturers at universities and colleges.

This conference focused on three (03) main issues: 1) discussing, proposing solutions, research on science and technology in construction field; 2) discussing and proposing new studies on the application of new building materials in construction; 3) discussing, proposing solutions in construction management, construction economics.

Dr. Bui Le Anh Tuan, Department of Civil Engineering, Can Tho University have reported on topic "Methods of producing lightweight aggregates and it’s potential application in concrete production".

After report session, discussion was lively occurred with many open and excited questions and comments from participants.

In addition, the conference also attracted students of Can Tho University of Technology and students of Can Tho University to attend. The conference "Application of Science and Technology in Construction" gives students the opportunity to improve their specialized knowledge and accumulate skills of writing research papers as well as presentation skills.

In closing session, the Organization Board sent deep thanks to the units and agencies that cooperated with all the authors and scientists who made great contributions to the success of the conference. Besides, the University Board of Rectorate and Conference Organization Board hoped to continue to receive support for the next specialized conference on construction./.

Some pictures from the conference: